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Access Database Password

Access Owner Information

Access User-Level Passwords

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Business License


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Contacting us

Creating Debug Log

Creating the project

Cryptographic Service Provider


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Debug Log creation

Download the latest version

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Excel Add-In unlocking

Excel Book Password

Excel Document Passwords

Excel Password to Modify

Excel Shared Book Password

Excel Sheet Passwords

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French versions of Word/Excel

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Getting results

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Limitations of Trial version

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Managing Password Cache Files

Microsoft Passport Passwords

Microsoft Policy Regarding Missing or Invalid Passwords

Money 2002 Password to Open

Money Passwords

MS Passport stored Passwords

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Office XP Passwords


Other options

Outlook E-Mail Account Passwords

Outlook E-Mail Accounts

Outlook Personal Storage

Outlook PST File Password

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Password Cache

Password Storage Types (PST)

Personal License

Pocket Excel Password

PowerPoint Password to Modify

PowerPoint Passwords

Preliminary Attack

Price list

Program options

Project Passwords


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Saving your project

Selecting File

Site License

Supported File Types

Supported Passwords

System Requirements

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Technical Support

Type of attack

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VBA Backdoor

Visual Basic for Applications

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Weak Encryption

Where to get the latest version

Word Document Passwords

Word Document Protection Password

Word Password to Modify

Word/Excel 95 Passwords

Word/Excel 97/2000 encryption

Word/Excel 97/2000 Password to Open (strong)

Word/Excel Password to Open (weak)

Word/Excel/PowerPoint XP Password to Open

Working with Password Cache

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XLA unlock