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AOPR Options can be adjusted at the "Options" tab.


The "Device Manager" button allows to select a hardware that will be used for password searching. By default AOPR uses all available CPU cores and graphic cards to achieve the best performance. But you can disable some CPUs or GPUs using the Device Manager.


"Enable Debug log" option creates a separate log file ("aoxppr_debug_log.txt") with the detailed information needed for resolving problems. Normally this option must be switched off.


Folder for log files: select the folder where "aoxppr_debug_log.txt" and other log files files will be created.


If you select the Minimize to tray option, the program will hide itself from the screen when being minimized (so you will not see an appropriate button on Windows® toolbar), but small icon will be created in the tray (near the system tray). Double-click on it to restore.


By disabling the Prompt if project was changed option, you instruct AOPR not to display the messages like "The project has been changed. Save?", when you've changed some options and open an another project, or creating a new one.


At the "Options" tab you can also enable or disable the Preliminary Attacks.



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