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Customizing the Preliminary Attack

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Every time when you open a document in Advanced Office Password Recovery it performs the preliminary attack in case when the "file open" password is set. This attack tries all passwords that you recovered in past (which are stored in password cache). After that dictionary attack and finally the brute-force attacks are running.


The brute-force attack consists of two parts:


1. Trying digits and latin letters

2. Trying national characters depending on code page set in Windows.


You can set your own character sets and languages for Preliminary Attack using the "attacks.xml" file that is located in the directory where Advanced Office Password Recovery is installed.


The first section of this file is the language map:









The codes are Windows language identifiers. You can link any LID to your custom name.


The next section contains predefined charsets:








All charsets are in unicode so you can define any national characters here.


And the final section is "documents". All parts of this section have comments about document types. You can define the "common" charsets and charsets that are related to system language. Each "attack" record defines password length and charset.


In this XML file you can simply change the standard preliminary attack and define the custom charsets for your language.

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