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Preliminary Attack

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Preliminary Attack is the set of predefined Attacks which are tried when a password cannot be recovered instantly. When this Attack is running the following dialog is displayed:




Preliminary Attack consists of four independent attacks which can be enabled/disabled in program options.


Found Passwords Attack. This attack is always available. It checks all passwords that were found in the document prior to finding the current password. For example Microsoft® Word® files may have a VBA project password. This password is checked first because many users use the same passwords in different places.

Password Cache Attack. This attack checks the Password Cache (all passwords found in other documents by AOPR). This attack can be enabled/disabled by "Password Cache Preliminary Attack" checkbox at the "Options" tab.

Preliminary Dictionary Attack. Performs the Dictionary Attack by Default Dictionary. This attack can be enabled/disabled by "Preliminary Dictionary Attack" checkbox at the "Options" tab.

Preliminary Brute-Force Attack. Performs the Brute-Force Attack by several predefined character sets. This Attack can be enabled/disabled by "Preliminary Brute-Force Attack" at the "Options" tab.


Preliminary Attack may take several minutes to run. You can stop it at any time clicking the "Stop" button.


You can set your own languages and character sets for Preliminary Attack.

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