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Word®/Excel® Password to Open (Office 97/2000)

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This Password can be assigned in Microsoft® Word® and Excel®, version 97 or later. To set the password (in English version of Microsoft® Word®) select the "Tools | Options" menu item, then select the "Security" tab and enter the Password in the "Password to open" field.


When you assign the File Opening Password to your Word® or Excel® 97/2000 document (so the user will have to enter it to open the file), Microsoft® Office encrypts the Document using the RC4 cryptographic algorythm. Microsoft® Office uses the MD5 hash to verify a Password. Therefore this Password cannot be recovered instantly.


AOPR can recover a lost Password using the Brute-Force and Dictionary Attacks. For the Brute-Force Attack, you have to set up the password length (it is limited to 15 characters) and password range (which, by the way, can include national symbols). Don't expect to recover long (8+ characters) and complex Passwords in a reasonable time, though.



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