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If you have a document with password-protected VBA project, but for some reason the password cannot be recovered, or the password shown by AOPR cannot be entered (for example it contains non-English characters that cannot be entered using your keyboard), or AOPR only allows to change or remove that password (but you would not like to do that), you can use the "VBA backdoor" feature. It works for all applications which can create VBA projects in their documents, not only Microsoft® Office (for example, Corel WordPerfect Office and AutoCAD).


With that feature, the password is not being recovered at all. However, you're able to open a VBA project (to view/edit the code). Of course you should have the application (this document has been created with, or later version) installed.


First of all, please close all running instances of MS Office applications.


Press the "VBA Backdoor" button on AOPR toolbar (or select VBA Backdoor | Open file through backdoor menu item). The program will prompt you for the document file.


Select the file and the following dialog will be displayed:




Here you set the additional Command Line parameters if needed. AOPR will run the application (with a special way) this document has been created with, and load your document into it. Now go into VBA properties (typically, it is under "Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor" or "Tools | VBAProject Properties". You'll be prompted for the Password. Enter ANY one (e.g., xyz), and it will be accepted!


If your document has been created in Microsoft® Office 97, you can use Office 2000 or Office XP, too. However, the reverse is not true: if you would like to unprotect Office 2000/XP document, but have only Office 97 installed, AOPR will still run it (with a warning message), but Backdoor will not work.


In addition (for example, in the case if the extension of the protected files is not registered in the system, so AOPR don't know what program to execute), you can just run the desired application (the one with VBA support: Word®, Excel®, FrontPage, AutoCad etc) using the same technology: select "VBA Backdoor | Launch application" menu item. Backdoor will be activated, and for all documents you will open in that application, any password will be accepted.


Please note that this backdoor is supported only for a limited number of versions of VBA engine (VBE.DLL, VBE6.DLL, VBE7.DLL) – the ones that were available when current version of AOPR has been released (the latest one comes with Microsoft® Office 2013). When the application is executed, AOPR prints (into the Log Window) the size and version number of that DLL. If your one is not supported yet, AOPR uses "generic" patch, which may fail under certain circumstances.


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