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 After the File selection, the dialog box with results will be displayed automatically. The following situations may occur as the result of the File Processing:


All or some Passwords were recovered. The dialog box with passwords is displayed. Password fields may contain those auxilary messages:

<none> - the password is not set;

<cannot be found instantly> - the password cannot be recovered instantly, you must select the Attack Options and Start the Attack to recover this password. You can Create a Project to save the Attack parameters to the file.

<can be changed> - the password cannot be recovered, but can be changed or deleted. In this case a Dialog with results contains two additional buttons: "Change Password" and "Delete Password". You can change or delete the password simply clicking those buttons. Selected File must not be write-protected to complete this operation successfully.

<not available> - the Password cannot be recovered by some reason. The possible reasons are:

Selected File Format does not have such password

Password that decrypts a document is not found yet

<error> - an error occured while Password Recovery process. The error message box is displayed to explain the error.

<not supported> - the Password is not supported by current version of AOPR.

<not displayed in trial version> - the Password was found but its length exceeds the Trial Version Limitations. You must purchase AOPR License to see that Password.


Any found Password can be copied to the Clipboard. Simply press the "Copy to Clipboard" button located at the right of the corresponding Password. You can insert the copied Password to any field by pressing the "Ctrl-V" buttons combiantion (usually the Paste menu item is disabled, but the keyboard shortcut always works). Passwords which contains international symbols can be displayed incorrectly on Windows® 95, 98 and Me. These Windows® versions don't support Unicode and therefore we recommend to use Windows® NT, 2000 or XP to recover passwords with international symbols.


Path to the selected File is displayed under "File Path:" caption. You can open the File simply clicking the "Open..." button.


File Format is not supported. This may occur when you're selecting file which Format is not supported by AOPR. Please see the "Supported File Types and Passwords" section to learn what File Formats are supported by AOPR.


An Error occured. The Error message box is displayed.


Please examine the Passwords Manual to get more information about Document Passwords.

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