Working with iOS backups

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To add the iOS backup to EPV, do the following:

1.On the main screen, click iTunes backup or iCloud backup, select the necessary backup in the File > Open menu, or drag and drop the backup file to the program window.

2.Browse for the Manifest.plist file in the folder where your iOS device backup is located (see Supported Apple device backups, About iTunes backups and About iCloud backups for more info).

NOTE: On macOS 10.14, EPV might have no access to the default iTunes backups folder. Please copy the necessary iTunes backup files to another folder to open them.  


main screen


3. Select if you want EPV to search for and display Camera Roll media only or all media files (you can change this later in Settings).

other media


Once the backup is loaded, its name and device type is shown under a generic image, as well as the following information (some of it may not be available for iCloud backups, so only for local iTunes backups this information is complete):


iOS version

Serial Number



Target Identifier

Unique Identifier (usually the same as above)

Phone number

Last backup date


iOS Backup


The lower part of the window shows all plugins available (some of them might be disabled if there is no appropriate information in the backup):















Click the plugin icon to view the contents.

NOTE: If the databases of some apps changed during an iOS update, no data might be displayed when you are trying to view the contents of some plugins.


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