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User interface

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The program menu is located at the left of the main screen, just like in Microsoft Outlook: contains Recovery (automatic or manual, as well as mail server emulator: also automatic and manual), Options, Help and Exit button (to switch to appropriate pages).


Most interface elements (such as buttons, raws in the “list view” windows etc) have pop-up “tooltips” which gives more details about them e.g. what action will be performed when pressing the button. “List view” elements also have context-sensitive menus appearing on right button click.


The program also supports keyboard hotkeys. Use CTRL-<digit> to select the high-level menu item, and ALT-<digit> to switch to low-level item under it:


CTRL-1: Recovery

 ALT-1: Search for email clients

 ALT-2: Automatic passwords recovery

 ALT-3: Manual passwords recovery

 ALT-4: Mail server emulator (auto mode)

 ALT-5: Mail server emulator (manual mode)

CTRL-2: Options

 ALT-1: Register the program

 ALT-2: General options

CTRL-3: Help

 ALT-1: Versions and compatibility

 ALT-2: About

 ALT-3: Help

CTRL-4: Exit

 ALT-1: Minimize to tray

 ALT-2: Exit to Windows

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