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Mail server emulator (auto mode)

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If you have an email client that is not supported “directly” by the AMBPR,  you can try the different approach: Mail server emulator.


In the best scenario, all you have to do is just press Connect button (the program emulates both POP3 and IMAP4 servers simultaneously). Now start your email client (if it was already running, you may need to restart it), and send/receive your mail there (actually, no mail will be received, because the client will connect to AMBPR instead of real mail server). Go back to AMBPR, and login and password (for POP3 or IMAP account) should be there.


There are some limitations, though. First, AMBPR should know what mail servers you connect to. It tries to retrieve the list automatically, but for some clients it may still fail to do that. So if your server is not in the list, press Add server to add it (you will be able to remove it when not needed anymore). Second, you can add servers by either name or IP address, but in the second case, emulation will work properly only if IP can be resolved to the name.


Please also note that this method works for regular authentication only; in other cases (e.g. if MD5 APOP authentication is being used) the password is not passed to the server at all, and so it cannot be captured.


By default, AMBPR uses port 110 for POP3 and port 143 for IMAP4; if your email clients has another port settings, you have to change them in AMBPR, respectively (in Options).

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