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Register the program: when/if you have purchased the program, enter your registration code into the input box, and press the Register button.


General options:


Language: select (from drop-down box) an appropriate language to be used for for program user interface (menus, messages etc); press Refresh button to update (after changing your selection).


Print entire windows instead of text: when enabled, AEBPR will print the contents of the current window (where the Print button exists) instead of text.


Warn under Windows NT/2000: not implemented (yet), reserved for future use.


Check for installed e-mail clients at startup: force AMBPR to search (on startup) your computer for [properly] installed email clients the program can recover the passwords for.


POP3 server port and IMAP server port: set port numbers for your email server; defaults are 110 and 143, respectively.

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