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Mail server emulator (manual mode)

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We'd recommend you to try Mail server emulator (auto mode) first and only if it fails, use the "standard" one (as described in this topic). Here are the steps to perform:


Select POP3 or IMAP emulation
Click Connect button in AMBPR
Run your email client
Open account properties in the client
Remember current incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server address
Replace it with localhost or
Save account properties
Connect to the Internet (not required for some clients)
Receive mail (in the client) for your account
Go back to AMBPR and look at POP3 user/password there


Now go back to AMBPR and look at POP3 or IMAP user/password there. This method works for regular authentication only; in other cases (e.g. if MD5 APOP authentication is being used) the password is not passed to the server at all, and so it cannot be captured.


Unlike the automatic server emulator described above, this (manual) one works for only POP3 or IMAP4 at a time (according to the option selected), so if youre not sure, try both of them separately.

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