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Password Recovery

Recover passwords protecting office documents, ZIP and RAR archives. ElcomSoft password recovery tools can instantly unlock documents created in all versions of Corel and Lotus office suites. Benefit from guaranteed recovery time when unlocking Microsoft Office XP and 2000 documents and Adobe PDF files no matter how long complex the passwords are. Perform comprehensive attacks or use multiple processors, CPU cores and networked workstations to speed up the recovery of passwords protecting Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 documents, ZIP and RAR archives, as well as PGP keys.

Locked out of your office routine because of a lost password? Unlock documents and recover passwords with ElcomSoft password recovery tools!

Recover passwords for:

System & Security

Localize and close security holes in your network by proactively auditing account passwords and identifying insecure passwords. Restore access to locked-out Windows accounts and Encrypting File Systems (EFS) without rebooting. Instantly replace passwords protecting Windows accounts with a boot-disk application. Under a special agreement with Microsoft the recovery tools conveniently boot into a Windows GUI, making it simple to access and change system settings from a familiar environment.

Locked out of your system? Can’t access encrypted files? Restore control over Windows accounts and files with ElcomSoft system security tools!