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10 July, 2018 | MailOnline -

Police can STILL break into your iPhone without permission using a simple hack that bypasses Apple’s new iOS 11.4.1 'cracking defence tool'

The workaround was discovered by cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft, based in Moscow. ElcomSoft connected a compatible Lightning accessory, the official Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor, before the screen had been locked for an hour.

10 July, 2018 | MacRumors -

Security Researchers Find Way to Prevent USB Restricted Mode From Activating on iOS Devices

Security researchers claim to have discovered a loophole that prevents an iPhone or iPad from activating USB Restricted Mode, Apple's latest anti-hacking feature in iOS 12 beta and iOS 11.4.1, which was released on Monday.

9 July, 2018 | The Verge -

Apple’s iOS passcode cracking defense can be bypassed using a USB accessory

However, researchers at cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft have found a loophole that resets the one-hour counter so long as you plug a USB accessory into the iPhone’s Lightning port, regardless of whether the phone has ever connected to that accessory in the past.

15 June, 2018 | ConsumerAffairs -

Apple set to roll out new security feature for iPhones and iPads

The tech giant’s move will undoubtedly leverage more grief from the law enforcement community. Apple is adding a new feature to its iPhones and iPads in hopes of guarding the devices against security breaches and hacks.

14 June, 2018 | AppleInsider -

Grayshift claims it defeated Apple's forthcoming 'USB Restricted Mode' security feature

Other digital forensics firms are working on similar workarounds. ElcomSoft in May suggested it might be possible to extend USB Restricted Mode's window beyond the hour-long restriction by connecting an iPhone to a paired accessory or computer while it is unlocked. The company added that dedicated hardware could potentially disable the feature completely.

14 June, 2018 | The Inquirer -

Apple confirms it'll push cop-thwarting 'USB Restricted Mode' to iPhones

The feature was first discovered ElcomSoft's Oleg Afonin earlier this year, who noted that an iPhone with USB Restricted Mode enabled won't bring up the usual 'Trust this computer' prompt until the device is unlocked using a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

14 June, 2018 | tom's guide -

Apple May Stop Police from Cracking iPhones

Rumors first appeared about Apple disabling data transfers without a passcode back in early May, when the Russian digital-forensics firm Elcomsoft noticed the feature in beta builds of iOS 11.3. Back then, the lockout happened only after a week of inactivity. The feature didn't make it into iOS 11.3 or 11.4, but is expected in iOS 11.4.1.

5 June, 2018 | Gizmodo -

I'll Believe Apple Is Killing Cops' Anti-Encryption Tools When They Actually Do It

The public doesn’t know for certain how the iPhone cracking services that law enforcement uses actually work. But researchers at Elcomsoft explained the general theory last month.

5 June, 2018 | TECHSPOT -

Incoming iOS updates will make unlocking iPhones even more difficult for hackers

If you are an avid reader, you may remember that we have mentioned USB restrictions being implemented on iOS in the past. However, there is now one major change that is important. Apple has changed the timeout period from seven days to just one hour.

5 June, 2018 | iTWire -

New iOS feature will hinder third-party passcode crackers

Oleg Afonin of the desktop and mobile forensic tools maker Elcomsoft wrote that though the feature had not surfaced in the 11.4 final build, it had appeared in the 11.4.1 beta.