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8 December, 2017 | BGR -

iOS 11 security flaw: The password is apparently the only barrier between you and a hacker

According to researchers at ElcomSoft, the iOS 11 came in with a bunch of new features, a majority of which are aimed to make a user’s experience convenient. However, each of these new additions came with “a small trade off in security”.

4 December, 2017 | tom's guide -

Why You Should Lock Your iPhone with a Password, Not a PIN

If you're running iOS 11 on your Apple iPhone, make sure you've got an alphanumeric password, or at least a six-digit PIN, protecting your lockscreen. Why? Because that lockscreen passcode may be the only thing standing between you and complete identity theft. With iOS 11, Apple purportedly makes it possible to reset the passwords on both your Apple ID and your iPhone backup in iTunes with only your iPhone's lockscreen PIN – which isn't that hard for an attacker to get.

1 December, 2017 | The Register -

Apple iOS 11 security 'downgrade' decried as 'horror show'

Oleg Afonin, a security researcher for password-cracking forensic IT biz Elcomsoft, in a blog post on Wednesday called iOS 11 "a horror story" due to changes the fruit-themed firm made to its mobile operating system that stripped away a stack of layered defenses.

1 December, 2017 | IBTimes -

iOS 11 Problems: Update Removes Password Protection, Makes Phone Less Secure

A Russian company that produces phone-cracking technology is warning that iOS 11 made changes to the way data on iPhones and iPads is encrypted. That change leaves the information more vulnerable to certain types of attacks.

1 December, 2017 | AppAdvice -

Has Apple compromised security on iOS 11?

In iOS 11, Apple introduced a new way it protects encrypted iOS backups. Unfortunately, this new method has left these files more vulnerable to certain types of attacks, according to ElcomSoft.

1 December, 2017 | TidBITS -

iOS 11 Encrypted Backup Change Reduces Security, Boosts Data Safety

Digital forensics firm Elcomsoft revealed this week that Apple has changed how encrypted iOS backups are protected, reducing security to improve the overall user experience. Elcomsoft’s discovery kicked off a vigorous debate on Hacker News and Twitter, but does this change represent a real risk to the average Apple user? The answer is yes...

1 December, 2017 | -

iOS 11 leaves iOS devices more vulnerable to edge-case attacks, says phone-cracking company ElcomSoft

Changes to the way that Apple protects encrypted iOS backups leave devices more vulnerable to certain types of attack, says ElcomSoft, a Russian company used by law enforcement agencies and others to access iPhones. However, it only applies if the attacker has physical access to the device and can crack the passcode.

12 September, 2017 | Mashable -

Apple's iOS 11 has a new security feature that's sure to please activists

The second and latest security revelation is a tad more subtle, but equally intriguing. Digital forensic tool manufacturer ElcomSoft dived into the new iOS and found that connecting an iPhone to a computer is about to get more secure. As it currently stands, when an unlocked iPhone is plugged in it asks the user if they trust the device. If they do, the computer can then access the contents of the smartphone. That process is getting an overhaul.

12 September, 2017 | -

Apple’s iOS 11 could boost user data security with new feature

Online security firm ElcomSoft has pointed out the beefed-up security measures in the upcoming iOS 11. Currently, thieves and the authorities rely on triggering an automatic backup from a computer that has been registered as a trusted device.

12 September, 2017 | Fortune -

How Apple’s iOS 11 Could Improve Your Data Security

Apple has added a requirement that forces iPhone owners to use both a fingerprint and their device passcode to establish a "trusting" relationship with the computers on which they want to backup their devices, security firm Elcomsoft revealed in a recent blog post.