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8 May, 2018 | Engadget -

Apple may 'restrict' USB access on iOS devices left locked for a week

Originally discovered in iOS 11.4 beta code by ElcomSoft's Oleg Afonin, the update disables the lightning port after the seven-day period, though it can still apparently be charged. The feature is called USB Restricted Mode, and it made a previous appearance in an iOS 11.3 beta. Afonin noted that law enforcement will now only have seven days to attempt to access any iPhones running 11.3 or later before it locks itself against any "known forensic techniques."

8 May, 2018 | ZDNet -

This feature could make it tougher for cops to unlock your iPhone

Law enforcement have long complained that they need access to locked devices to help with their investigations. But security experts have decried efforts by the government to lobby for backdoors, arguing that hackers could also get that same access and use it for their own gain.

8 May, 2018 | TechCrunch -

iOS will soon disable USB connection if left locked for a week

The feature, called USB Restricted Mode, was first noticed by Elcomsoft researchers looking through the iOS 11.4 code. It disables USB data (it will still charge) if the phone is left locked for a week, re-enabling it if it’s unlocked normally.

8 May, 2018 | MacRumors -

iOS 11.4 Disables Lightning Connector After 7 Days, Limiting Law Enforcement Access

USB Restricted Mode was outlined this morning by Elcomsoft after testing confirmed that the feature has indeed been enabled. In Elcomsoft's experience, after an iPhone or iPad has been updated to iOS 11.4, if it hasn't been unlocked or connected to a paired computer in the last 7 days using a passcode, the Lightning port is useless for data access and limited to charging.

8 May, 2018 | 9To5Mac -

iOS 11.4’s USB Restricted Mode prevents tethered cracking attempts, Lightning becomes charge-only

According to security blog Elcomsoft, the latest iOS 11.4 beta includes a new USB Restricted Mode. It notes that this feature was originally introduced in early iOS 11.3 betas, but was later removed in the final release.

8 May, 2018 | VentureBeat -

Apple quietly adds USB Restricted Mode to iOS 11.4, limiting forensic unlocks

Discovered by security researchers Elcomsoft, the new feature is said to be “aimed squarely at law enforcement” and automatically password-locks the device’s Lightning port after seven days of inactivity. At that point, the port will only function for charging — crucially eliminating data transfers, such as backups or extractions — until the correct password is entered.

8 May, 2018 | AppleInsider -

Apple's iOS 11.4 update with 'USB Restricted Mode' may defeat tools like GrayKey

"To improve security, for a locked iOS device to communicate with USB accessories you must connect an accessory via Lightning connector to the device while unlocked — or enter your device passcode while connected — at least once a week," reads Apple documentation highlighted by security firm ElcomSoft. The feature actually made an appearance in iOS 11.3 betas, but like AirPlay 2 was removed from the finished code.

17 April, 2018 | TechTarget -

Be prepared to handle a mobile security breach

Even if IT has strong access controls, attackers can still access some mobile devices using legitimate forensics recovery tools, such as the Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle. Because end users often use mobile devices to access business applications, such as email, cloud file-sharing and remote access, as well as to store sensitive information on their devices, stolen devices can affect businesses.

30 March, 2018 | Smarter Forensics -


In Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, I started examining searches and saw everything from Paris and Panama that I searched for in addition to other historical searches. This is great news, but let’s keep going because these could just be generic searches where the user didn’t request directions.[..] Finally, we find the directions the user searched for. Best part, we get to see how the requested the directions (walk, drive, transit, fly, etc.) Pretty cool stuff.

8 December, 2017 | BGR -

iOS 11 security flaw: The password is apparently the only barrier between you and a hacker

According to researchers at ElcomSoft, the iOS 11 came in with a bunch of new features, a majority of which are aimed to make a user’s experience convenient. However, each of these new additions came with “a small trade off in security”.