Elcomsoft targets backup encryption, recovers Acronis, Macrium, and Veeam passwords

We updated Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.43 with support for encryption passwords protecting popular backup formats. The updated tool can recover access to backups produced by Acronis, Macrium, and Veeam products by attacking the user’s password.

We updated Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery with support for encryption passwords protecting popular backup formats. In this release, we’ve added support for popular Windows backup tools made by Acronis, Macrium, and Veeam.

With more than 5.5 million home users and 500,000 companies, Acronis backup tools are among the most common. The company’s backup tools include Acronis True Image 2020, Acronis True Image 2021, and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2022.

Macrium targets IT professionals and companies with its range of backup tools. The company does not disclose the number of users, yet we see Macrium as one of the more popular full system backup solutions among the target group.

Finally, Veeam claims to have over 400,000 customers worldwide, which makes Veeam Backup & Replication one of the more common Windows backup tools.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.43 adds the ability to recover backup encryption passwords for all of these tools. GPU-assisted recovery is available for all formats except one. Additional details and benchmarks in our blog article Targeting backup encryption: Acronis, Macrium and Veeam.

Elcomsoft Hash Extractor, a small tool for extracting encryption metadata installed along with Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery, gained the ability to extract encryption metadata from encrypted Acronis, Macrium, and Veeam backups. The result is a tiny file that can be opened with Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery to run the attack without having to bring the entire multi-gigabyte backup files.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.42 Release Notes

  • added support for Acronis True Image (now Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office) backups
  • added support for Macrium Reflect 8 backups
  • added support for Veeam backups
  • added support for Intuit Quicken 2021
  • added support for FileMaker Pro versions 10 to 19
  • added support for HCL Domino R12 (former Lotus Notes)

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