Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor supports NVIDIA Ampere boards

Wireless Security Auditor 7.40 adds support for NVIDIA’s latest RTX 3000-series boards based on the Ampere architecture. By using the latest NVIDIA cards, the new release greatly speeds up the recovery process, improving the chance of successful attacks.

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor receives an update, support for NVIDIA’s latest generation RTX video cards. The support for NVIDIA’s last-generation architecture helps boost the chance of on-the-spot recovery of Wi-Fi passwords.

Wi-Fi security auditing made faster

The new generation of NVIDIA RTX 3000-series cards is out. Powered by Ampere, the new generation of GPUs delivers unprecedented performance, which nearly doubles the speed of password attacks compared to the previous generation. The recovery speed with a single NVIDIA RTX 3090 video card reaches 1.2 million WPA/WPA2 passwords per second.

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor makes use of the massively parallel GPU units to offload computationally intensive parts of the attack onto the video card. In this release, the tool gained support for the latest and greatest NVIDIA RTX 3000-series boards, helping administrators Discover weak Wi-Fi passwords faster than ever before.

The WPA2 standard specifies the minimum length of 8 characters for Wi-Fi passwords, making brute-force attacks unfeasible. However, real passwords are often comprised of single or concatenated dictionary words with few modifications. Such passwords are much easier to break and are a serious security risk. Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor implements a wide range of smart attacks based on dictionaries and variations of dictionary words. The tool performs attacks targeting the human factor, ensuring that dictionary words are altered and combined in a manner similar to how a real human would choose their password. These attacks allow quickly discovering weak passwords with inadequate protection.

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor attacks are hardware accelerated, utilizing high-performance GPU units available in today’s video cards to achieve the maximum possible recovery speeds. A single Ampere-based video card can boost the attack speed some 50 times or more compared to a high-end multi-core CPU.

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