Elcomsoft System Recovery update: enhanced password extraction and account recovery algorithms

We updated Elcomsoft System Recovery, a Windows PE-based tool to recover or reset passwords to local Windows accounts and Microsoft accounts in all versions of Windows. Elcomsoft System Recovery now utilizes an enhanced, smarter and significantly more efficient algorithms for recovering account passwords.

We updated Elcomsoft System Recovery with enhanced, smarter and significantly more efficient algorithms for recovering account passwords. When requested to recover the original plain-text password to the user’s Windows account, Elcomsoft System Recovery will now automatically extract stored passwords from the target system and try those passwords first during the preliminary attack. Multiple types of stored passwords can be extracted including various system passwords as well as the passwords stored in the Firefox browser. In addition, the enhanced password recovery algorithm is now targeting password reuse, implementing attacks on similar passwords.

Elcomsoft System Recovery is indispensable for system administrators who want to recover access to locked and abandoned Windows accounts. Elcomsoft System Recovery comes as a pre-configured tool integrated with the supplied Windows PE environment. The tool can reset Windows account passwords instantly, while supporting a range of smart pre-configured attacks to recover the original passwords.

Should the administrator encounter an encrypted disk volume, Elcomsoft System Recovery makes it easier to access encrypted data. With automatic detection of encrypted volumes, ESR will automatically extract hashes required to launch an attack on the password of the encrypted volume.

Elcomsoft System Recovery 7.03 change log:

  • Improved algorithm for account password recovery; significantly more effective
  • Automatically extracts and attempts to use Firefox passwords
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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