ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.30 is out with new iCloud engine, low-level iCloud Drive access, iOS 13.2 and macOS Catalina support

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.30 delivers a new iCloud downloading engine and low-level access to iCloud Drive data. Thanks to the new iCloud engine, the tool can download backups produced by devices running all versions of iOS up to iOS 13.2. The new and improved iCloud downloading engine, the new iCloud Drive analysis core and the many bug fixes make EPB 9.30 a highly recommended update.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.30 is updated with a new and improved iCloud download engine that is not only faster but significantly more robust. The newly implemented iCloud Drive structure analysis features enable access to files stored in secure iCloud Drive containers for users with multiple Apple devices running a mix of updated and outdated OS versions. Thanks to the new iCloud engine, version 9.30 becomes the first and only on the market that can download iCloud backups produced by Apple devices running all versions of iOS up to the latest iOS 13.2.

In addition, the new build finalizes support for local (iTunes) backups produced by release versions of iOS 13.x. The Mac edition now fully supports the release version of macOS Catalina. The new and improved iCloud downloading engine, the new iCloud Drive analysis core and the many bug fixes make EPB 9.30 a highly recommended update.

Advanced iCloud Drive Structure Analysis

In addition to the new iCloud engine, we have also improved support for iCloud Drive. Advanced iCloud Drive structure analysis is an optional feature allowing users to enable deep, low-level analysis of iCloud Drive secure containers. These secure containers may contain data produced by the OS, built-in and third-party apps, the latter storing stand-alone backups and synchronizing data.

High-level, file and folder based access to iCloud Drive provides a safe and compatible way of extracting information in most cases. Changes to iCloud Drive API’s seemingly do not matter; file and folder access only requires the use of the latest API. However, if the user has a mix of Apple devices running updated as well as outdated OS versions, some information may only be accessible to those particular devices due to legacy API’s. Attempting to access iCloud Drive in those scenarios may return incomplete information. This is why we built advanced iCloud Drive structure analysis, and this is why we made the feature optional: high-level file and folder access is all you need in most circumstances, while low-level extraction will return the missing bits and pieces scattered around in legacy containers.

Access to iCloud Drive low-level structures is severely limited and lacks any public API or documentation. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.30 becomes the first tool on the market to implement low-level access to iCloud Drive containers. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is the most powerful iCloud analytic solution that is able to retrieve significantly more information from iCloud than competitors and even Apple.

The updated iCloud engine enhances access to synchronized data as well, making access to synchronized categories significantly more robust. The importance of synchronized data is hard to underestimate as Apple pushes more and more information from device-specific backups into synchronized containers. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker offers extensive access to synchronized data categories, which includes information Apple does not provide to the law enforcement when presented a binding order. This includes the iCloud Keychain with all of the user’s passwords, Health information featuring information about the user’s physical activities such as steps and heartrate, Screen Time passwords and messages (SMS and iMessage).

The update is free of charge to all customers who purchased or renewed their Elcomsoft Phone Breaker or Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle license within one year. Discounted renewal is available to customers whose maintenance plan has already expired.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker release notes:

  • New iCloud downloading engine supports iCloud backups for all versions of iOS up to 13.2
  • New iCloud Drive analysis engine enables deep analysis of iCloud Drive data structures for the most comprehensive extraction
  • Fixed the problem when accessing specific synced data categories with tokens
  • Added support for local (iTunes) backups produced by release versions of iOS 13.x
  • Added support for the final version of macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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