Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.10: Passwordless Authentication and Google Drive Support

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.10 introduces forensically sound extraction for Google Drive files. In addition, the tool adds the ability to access information stored in the Google Account without a password. The newly available tool extracts Google authentication tokens from the user’s computer, and uses them to authenticate into a Google Account.

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.10 is a major update introducing Google Drive extraction and passwordless authentication.

ECX 2.10 introduces support for Google Drive, offering a truly integrated, forensically sound solution to extract the most data from Google accounts. Passwordless authentication is supported. Google Drive access without a password is possible with a tokens extracted from either Google Chrome or the Google Backup and Sync app, if one is installed on the user’s computer.

Passwordless authentication into Google Account is available if Google Chrome is installed on the user’s computer, and the user signed in to at least one Google service via the browser. The new Google Token Extractor (GTEX) tool automatically searches the user’s computer for authentication tokens saved by the Google Chrome browser. Once the user signs in to their Google Account in a browser session, these tokens enable seamless access to Google services without the need to re-enter the password. Once Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer obtains an authentication token, it can successfully authenticate into the user’s Google Account without the need for a password or triggering the secondary authentication prompt.

Passwordless authentication enables access to the following data categories: Chrome (including browsing history, bookmarks and passwords), Calendars, Dashboards, History, Google Drive, and Hangouts.

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