Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recоvery has been updated: new plugins, support for new versions, bug fixes, performance improvements

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery has been updated with a number of improvements, they are:

  • Agents are now being updated automatically (from the server); so there is no need to update all of them manually anymore - it is enough to update the agent on the server machine only
  • PGP private key passphrase recovery is now available on GPU (NVIDIA only)
  • Symantec PGP 10.3 is now supported
  • new plugins: SHA256, SHA512; existing SHA1 plugin has been further optimized for CPU (using SSE2 instructions)
  • iWork plugin has been updated with support for versions 2013/2014 and GPU-accelerated recovery (NVIDIA only)
  • the latest version of TheBat! email client is now also supported

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