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NDIS driver installation

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When you start sniffer at the first time, the program prompts you to install ESNDISMON driver the program cannot perform sniffing without. You can also view the drivers installed (including the installation date) by selecting [Options] | [General options] | [Wireless network sniffer], and install/reinstall driver from there.


To make sure the drivers are properly installed,  follow the steps:


1. Make sure that you have compatible adapter.


2. Remove WinPCap and AirPCap drivers if you already have them in the system.


3. Insert the adapter and install the driver provided by the manufacturer. Do NOT use the drivers included with Windows, they are usually not compatble; even better, install the chipset drivers.


In you use AirPCap adapter, install its own drivers from the vendor web site:




4. Restart the system; it is mandatoiry step for most adapters even if there was no prompt to do so.


5. Install EWSA.


6. Start Wi-Fi or AirPCap sniffer, depending on what adapter you have. EWSA should prompt to install ESSNDISMON driver, and you should confirm.


7. If adapter still does not work, install ESNDISMON manually:


open Network and sharing center

select Adapter settings

right-click on adapter and select Properties

press Install, select Service, then Add

press Have disk and select the path to ESNDISMON driver (proper .inf-file, according to system version and 32/64); the drivers are located in "Drivers" folder under the program installation folder

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