PGP and TrueCrypt

PGP and TrueCrypt

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Working with PGP and TrueCrypt is almost the same. If you are working with container, you only need to select the file; for PGP Whole Disk Encryption and TrueCrypt disk encryption, you have to select the physical drive (volume) first, and then the desired partition on it.


Please note that if you work with PGP whole disk encryption, you may not be able to decrypt or mount the drive on the machine where PGP is installed, because PGP driver locks the disks and does not allow any 3rd party software (including EFDD) to access the drive. As a workaround, atop all PGP Desktop services and then exit PGP Desktop if it was open; to stop the services, right-click the PGP Desktop tray icon and select Exit PGP Services from the list of commands.




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