Decrypt or mount disk

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You can work with actual dist attached to the computer (e.g. via USB interface), with disk images (in RAW/DD or EnCase .E01 formats), or with the disk containers (speaking of PGP and TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt). Select the type of the date first:




Until the disk container is selected, the program parses it, and shows the list of partitions (if there is more than one), detecting the encryption:




Decryption or mounting (the latter is implemented using ImDisk virtual disk driver installed with EFDD; typically, you don't need to change any settings.


One of the following is required:


memory dump (see Extract keys)

saved keys (see Extract keys)


hibernation file

active directory file (BitLocker only)

recovery key (for BitLocker, PGP WDE, FileVault2)


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