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Working with BitLocker (and BitLocker To Go) is slightly different. First, BitLocker does not work with 'containers' (files) and can encrypt only the whole disk(s): logical drives (in case of BitLocker) or removable drives (typically USB flash drives; in case of BitLocker To Go). Like for PGP Whole Disk Encryption and TrueCrypt disk encryption, you have to select the physical drive and partition on it. But also, EFDD not only allows to decrypt or mount it, but also reveals the recovery key. With this key, you can get access to your BitLocker drive without any additional software. Double-click (in Windows Explorer) on the drive you want to work with; the following window appears:




Click on I forgot my password link to proceed to the next step:




Click on Type the recovery key:




Just enter the recovery key (copied from EFDD) here, and BitLocker (or BitLocker To Go) drive will be unlocked without the original password or smart card.


Please note that the recovery key relies not only the encryption keys (found in memory), but also on the drive itself. So it is not shown when you search for encryption keys even when they are found, but only on this (decrypt/mount) step, where you selected the drive as well.

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