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3.3. Reinstallation

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Reinstallation takes place when you launch the installation program “edpr_setup.exe” while your computer already has this program installed. This procedure can be useful while updating the program; at this all its settings, data- and log-files will be saved.



To reinstall ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery on your computer:


- launch the “edpr_setup.exe” program;


- follow the setup program instructions (Fig. 3.2.2);


- click “Next” to continue setup or “Cancel” to quit it (Fig.3.2.3);


- click “I Agree” if you accept the license agreement terms; click “Cancel” to terminate the setup process; or “Back” to return to the previous window of the setup program (Fig. 3.2.4);


- choose the components you want to install and click “Next” (Fig. 3.2.5);


- uncheck the box provided in this dialog box if you don’t want to launch the program the moment you click “Finish” (Fig. 3.2.9);


- click “Finish” to complete the setup process.