3.3. Reinstallation

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Reinstallation takes place when you start the setup program «agent_setup.exe» and the program has been already installed on your computer. This procedure may be required under program update to a new version. In this case all installation settings and data and log files will be saved.


To reinstall the ElcomSoft Distributed Agent on your computer


- start the program «epr_agent_setup_en.msi»;


- follow the program setup instructions (Figure 3.2.2);


- click «Next» to continue the installation or «Cancel » to quit the installation (Figure 3.2.3);


- click «I Agree», if you agree with the licensing agreement, «Cancel » - if you want to interrupt the installation process, «Back » - to return to the previous setup program window (Figure 3.2.4);


- remove the «check mark » on the dialog box, if you do not want to run the program when clicking «finish» (Figure 3.2.9);


- click «finish » to complete the installation.