Elcomsoft Trainer Certification Program

Elcomsoft provides a certification program for those who want to become a trainer. Courses for Elcomsoft Certified iOS and Cloud Forensics Trainer and Elcomsoft Certified Data Decryption and Password Recovery Trainer qualifications are available. During these courses, trainers will obtain the knowledge and skills required to use Elcomsoft software and gain the necessary abilities to convey that knowledge to their customers.

By taking part in our trainer’s training and receiving the Certified Trainer status from Elcomsoft, partners, you will get the following benefits:

You will receive Elcomsoft Trainer Certificate with the right to teach our course, as well as certify your students.

You will get the required software licenses to use during the training.

You will also get the support materials necessary for the classes, including student assignments and trainers-only materials.s

Our trainer’s training course provides the complete program on work with digital evidence and develops teaching skills necessary to educate others how to cope with encryption and password protection.

Two certifications are available

Elcomsoft Certified iOS and Cloud Forensics Trainer

During the course on mobile forensics, you’ll be taught how to handle the device from the very moment it gets into your hands and how to extract evidence depending on the state of the device. You’ll know your options and will be able to access the highest amount of evidence accessible under given circumstances.

Elcomsoft Certified Data Decryption and Password Recovery Trainer

During our course on accessing encrypted data, we’ll dive deep into differences between the types of encryption and also find out how to collect the low-hanging fruit first. You will learn how to get a much higher success rate when employing the right workflow.

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