Advanced Office Password Breaker

Break passwords and unlock documents instead of performing lengthy password recovery. Advanced Office Password Breaker unlocks password-protected Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets within a guaranteed timeframe instead of attacking and recovering the complex passwords. Need the documents unlocked faster? Speed up the recovery by using multi-processor or multi-core systems or several computers and get your data back in almost no time. Advanced Office Password Breaker unlocks documents created with Microsoft Office Word and Excel 97 and 2000, as well as documents saved with Microsoft Office XP and 2003 in Office 97/2000 Compatibility Mode.

Please, select the Program Edition/License

Standard Edition

$ 99

Standard Edition is the limited version of AOPB designed for home use. The Program can run on single CPU (or core) only, even if you have more, and does not allow to run multiple instances of the program.

Professional Edition

$ 199

This Edition is the most balanced solution for home and office use. The program can be run on single-, dual- and quad-processor computers, including Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme and Xeon, as well as AMD Athlon X2.

Enterprise Edition

$ 399

Enterprise Edition is the most powerful version of AOPB designed for corporate and forensics use. It supports multiprocessor systems (up to 32 processors), and includes the company's Rainbow attack subsystem: it is contains special pre-computed hash tables that will allow you to decrypt an estimated 99.5 percent of Word documents in under a minute instead of days, even on slow computers.

The price is excluding taxes.

This product may recover strong complex passwords that cannot be recovered instantly. You may use dictionaries to speed-up the recovery process. Basic dictionaries are included in the program distribution. Additional dictionaries are available for purchase and immediate download.