Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.60 adds Hancom Office, iWork 2020 v10 support

Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR) adds support for the latest edition of Hancom Office 2020, now supporting Hancom documents saved in the new format. Version 6.60 offers full compatibility with Hancom Office Word 2020 documents and Cell 2020 workbooks, as well as the documents produced by iWork 2020.

We updated Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR), our single-PC password recovery tool for documents created with text editing and workbook products. AOPR 6.60 adds support for the new document formats employed by Hancom Office 2020, and offers full compatibility with iWork 2020 v10 documents.

About Hancom Office 2020

Hancom Office 2020 is the latest release of the popular Korean office suite. The suite includes multiple office and productivity apps including Word 2020 and Cell 2020. While legacy version of Hancom Office used to use a set of proprietary file formats (.hwp documents and .cell workbooks, both fully supported by Advanced Office Password Recovery), the recent versions moved to the Microsoft-compatible Office Open XML format. The new format, while based on Office Open XML, has minor differences making the new Cell workbooks saved as .xlsx not entirely compatible.

In this release, Advanced Office Password Recovery adds full GPU-accelerated support for documents and workbooks produced by the latest edition of Hancom Office, the Hancom Office 2020.

Advanced Office Password Recovery allows Hancom Office users brute-forcing the Open password and instantly removing the Modify password for both the native Hancom Office file formats and the Microsoft-compatible Office Open XML files.

About iWork 2020

Updated in the end of May, iWork 2020 offers Apple users a range of office and creativity tools. Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.60 fully supports the file formats produced by iWork 2020 v10.

Advanced Office Password Recovery helps users recover, remove, or circumvent passwords protecting documents created with a variety of office suites. Supported formats range from Microsoft Office documents to OpenOffice, Apple iWork and Hancom Office formats. The improved, thoroughly optimized recovery engine with fast GPU acceleration makes Advanced Office Password Recovery the fastest single-PC office recovery tool on the market. Support for multiple video cards get the job done up to 250 times faster than CPU alone. Advanced Office Password Recovery offers the choice of brute-force, dictionary-based and advanced attacks in a straightforward workflow.

Advanced Office Password Recovery release notes:

  • Added support for Hancom Office 2020 documents and workbooks saved in the Office Open XML format

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