Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.31 extracts more of Google Dashboard

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.31 expands support for Google Dashboard data. In this release, Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer expands the number of categories and the amount of data obtained from Google Dashboard, extracting significantly more information than ever before.

The updated Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.31 offers enhanced support for extracting Google Dashboard data, a Google service for storing and managing personal data collected by Google Inc about its users. In this release, Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer significantly expands the number of categories obtained from Google Dashboard, extracting significantly more information than ever before. The newly added Dashboard categories include Maps, Calendar, Disk, Alerts, Analytics, Books, Groups, News, Package tracking, Payments, Photos, Google Play Music, Google Play, Tasks, Blogger, AdSense, Brand Accounts, FeedBurner, Search, and Keep.

Google Dashboard contains aggregated statistical data on the user’s activities. As a result, Dashboard data can be downloaded very quickly, literally in a matter of seconds. Downloading and analyzing Dashboard data prior to acquiring the entire set of Google-collected information allows saving time and starting the investigation faster.

About Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard is a Google service allowing users to have a summary view of their Android devices and their usage history, searches, location history, Web history, Google Play apps, YouTube and much more. The service summarizes data for each Google product the user uses.

While Google allows signed-in users downloading the data it keeps in the Dashboard, some categories are missing from the provided set of data. Some of these categories include Connected Apps and Device Activity. By using Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer, experts can quickly and easily obtain the entire set of data available in Google Dashboard including categories that are generally not provided by Google during the takeout process.

About Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is an all-in-one cloud forensic tool for extracting and analyzing information from users’ Google accounts. The tool makes it easier to download, view and analyze information collected by the search giant, providing convenient access to users’ search and browsing history, page transitions, contacts, Google Keep notes, Hangouts messages, as well as images stored in the user’s Google Photos account. The ability to extract passwords synced by the Chrome browser and Android smartphones and stored in the user’s Google Account may help access suspects’ other accounts, resulting in even more evidence. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer can access Google Account data using the login and password or passwordless authentication. Passwordless authentication utilizes authentication tokens extracted from the user’s computer.

Release notes:

  • Added support for new Dashboard data: a lot of stats in new categories (Connected Apps, Device Activity and more)
  • Fixed authentication token extraction on Windows when obtaining the tokens from new versions of Google Chrome and Google Backup & Sync app
  • Fixed the issue of downloading media files from Google Photos
  • Fixed the issue with data export
  • Multiple small fixes and improvements

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