Advanced Office Password Recovery: it’s all about the speed

Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR) received an important performance update, doubling or even quadrupling the recovery speed on certain versions of Microsoft Office when running CPU-only attacks. In addition, we’ve improved the speed of GPU-assisted attacks 30 to 100% on some NVIDIA GPUs.

We updated Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR), our single-PC password recovery tool for documents created with Microsoft Office and third-party office tools. AOPR 6.50 is all about the speed. This performance update thoroughly optimizes the engine, resulting in the 2x improvement on password recovery speeds for Microsoft Office 2003 documents and the 4x improvement for Office 2016 documents when running CPU-only attacks.

We have improved the speed of GPU-assisted attacks when using NVIDIA video cards. The optimized password recovery engine offers a 30% performance improvement across the board compared to the previous versions, while some NVIDIA video cards received a boost that nearly doubles the performance.

Advanced Office Password Recovery helps users recover, remove or circumvent passwords protecting documents created with a variety of office suites. Supported formats range from Microsoft Office documents to OpenOffice, Apple iWork and Hangul Office formats. The improved, thoroughly optimized recovery engine with fast GPU acceleration makes Advanced Office Password Recovery the fastest single-PC office recovery tool on the market. Support for multiple video cards get the job done up to 250 times faster than CPU alone. Advanced Office Password Recovery offers the choice of brute-force, dictionary-based and advanced attacks in a straightforward workflow

Advanced Office Password Recovery release notes:

  • Improved password recovery speed in CPU-only configurations. Up to two times faster for Office 2003 documents, and up to four times for Office 2016 documents.
  • Improved password recovery speed on several NVIDIA GPUs. An average improvement of 30%, with up to 2x improvement for some video cards.
  • Fixed the problem on resuming interrupted attacks.
  • Fixed the problem processing Microsoft Money files without a password.
  • Fixed the problem processing some Hanword documents.

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