Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.30 Supports Android O, Extracts SMS Text Messages, Routes and Places from Google Account

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.30 adds the ability to extract SMS text messages from Android backups made with Google Pixel/Pixel XL smartphones and devices running Android O Developer Preview. In addition, the new release enhances location handling with human-readable Routes and Places. Routes and Places support improves readability of location data, returning a concise list of places in addition to numerical coordinates.

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.30 enables over-the-air acquisition of several additional types of data. A major addition in this release is the ability to download SMS text messages saved by certain Android devices and stored in the user’s Google Account. At this time, Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones get SMS backup as their exclusive feature. SMS backups are coming to all Android phones with Android O.

In addition, the new release can extract video files directly from the Google Account, and enhances Google Location History by pulling and displaying users’ Routes and Places.

With Android 6.0, Google brought automatic online backups. Android backups are based on different principles compared to iOS; in particular, Android backup transport uploads data on per-app basis. Google gave its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones some exclusivity, allowing these handsets to back up SMS text messages into the user’s Google Account. According to Google developers, this functionality will come to all Android phones with the release of Android O. At this time, Android O Developer Preview is available.

The new release of Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer brings the ability to pull SMS communication history from online backups created by smartphones running Android O (preview) as well as Google Pixel/Pixel XL smartphones running Android 7 and newer.

Unlike logical or physical acquisition tools that can only extract information from a given device, Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.30 can download text messages sent and received with all Android devices whose backups are stored in a given Google Account. Experts can run searches through messages originated from all or select Android devices.

In addition to text messages, the latest build now implements enhanced location history. The new release adds the ability to process Google’s new Places and Routes categories to improve readability of location data. The new location engine displays a list of places (such as restaurants, landmarks or shops) instead of plain numbers representing geolocation coordinates.

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is designed to be the fastest and easiest all-in-one over-the-air acquisition tool for Android. With Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer, experts can download and analyze information collected by Google and extracted directly from the user’s Google Account. The tool provides forensic access to users’ search and browsing history, up to 6 years of location data, contacts, emails and messages, notes, photos and videos, and a lot more. Featuring selective access and blazing fast acquisition, Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is world’s most advanced tool for Google forensics.

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