Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.22 Fixes History and Voice Search History Access

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.22 is a bugfix and maintenance release. The update fixes the issue with History download, re-enables the downloading of mp3 files related to Google’s Voice Search History, and renamed the “Service” column to “Application” in Voice Search History. Updating to the latest release is free of charge for users with non-expired licenses.

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.22 receives a host of bug fixes and minor improvements. The most important bug fix is related to the downloading of MP3 recordings related to Google Voice Search History. Version 1.22 made changes to the corresponding protocols to conform with Google’s latest updates. In addition, we renamed the “Service” column to “Application” in Voice Search History.

Finally, version 1.22 fixes the issue related to downloading History items. In previous releases, some history items could not be downloaded. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 1.22 fixes the ability to download the full History.

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is a digital forensic tool to help investigators download the complete data set from the user’s Google Account in one go. Unlike Google’s built-in tools, Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer automatically acquires, displays and helps analyze information collected by the search giant. The tool provides convenient access to users’ saved passwords, search and browsing history, page transitions, email messages, contacts, voice search recordings, comprehensive location history going back several years; notes, messages, Google Photos and other information stored in the user’s Google account.

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