Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp Gets Android Support

Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp is updated with full Android support. Version 2.0 can now extract and decrypt WhatsApp conversations from a wide range of Android devices. The new tool includes support for both rooted (Android 4.0 through 7.1.1) and most unrooted (Android 4.0 through 6.0.1) versions of Android. Since WhatsApp databases are securely encrypted, ElcomSoft has implemented a workaround to extract the encryption key even if no root access is available. In addition, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.0 includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, adds support for iTunes made with the latest versions of iTunes for the latest versions of iOS up to and including 10.2, and extracts information about video calls available in the latest versions of WhatsApp.

The update is available immediately at no cost to existing users with active licenses.

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