ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. announces the opening of Password Store; Home Cloud technology is introduced.

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. announces the opening of Elcomsoft Password Store, an online service to supply customers with guaranteed secure passwords. The new Password Store provides customers a variety of selections, and complies with all industrial and government requirements regarding the length and complexity of passwords being sold. As a value-added service, the company offers near-instant recovery of all passwords sold through its Password Store for a nominal fee.

Besides, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. introduces a newly developed, patent-pending Home Cloud technology. Elcomsoft Home Cloud Computing allows making use of idle CPU cycles of many types of electronic gadgets, consumer devices and appliances to increase the performance of password recovery. Elcomsoft Home Cloud Computing supports a wide range communication-enabled devices featuring CPU, GPU, or DSP units such as communicators, phones, tablets, digital SLR cameras, iPods and iPads, some models of flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi or Ethernet-enabled media players, kitchen appliances.