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Extracts some valuable information about the current Windows and Office installation, as stored in the system:


l        User name

l        Computer name

l        Platform

l        First install date (of operating system)

l        Owner

l        Organization

l        Windows product ID and product (CD) key

l        Microsoft Office product ID and product (CD) key

l        Microsoft SQL Server product ID and product (CD) key

l        IE product ID and product key


PSPR also contains a 'generic' algorithm to extract/decrypt IDs and CD keys to other Microsoft products and server software not listed above; press Retrieve unknown keys to proceed.


The Windows CD key can be changed there, but please use that feature with great care. For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, you will have to re-activate Windows; if the option Force to activate Windows after the key is changed is enabled, then the activation wizard will be started automatically.


As for Office CD key, please note that PSPR supports only Office 97, Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007, but not Office 2000 (it seems that the CD key for this version is not stored in the system at all).


Please also note that if you would like to get the Windows/Office CD key from another machine (remote computer), you should have Administrator privileges there. Using the Manual decryption option, you can also retrieve the CD key from the SYSTEM file (part of Windows Registry) taken from any machine.


Note: for Windows Vista, CD key is saved in the system only till activation. So iIf Vista is already activated, PSPR is not able to show the key.

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