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Shows stored user passwords for servers (allowing the user to  transparently connect to servers using user names and passwords that are different from those used to log on). These passwords can be managed using the KeyRing; the keyring can be invoked from Control Panel | User Accounts | Advanced | Manage Passwords. .NET Passport passwords are also shown there.


By default, Net passwords are recovered automatically, but if something goes wrong (e.g., some files are located in the wrong folders), you can use Manual decryption. You must at least set the User profile directory and User logon password; if this is not enough, check the Expert options box and select User ID, Credentials, and Master key of the user you want to recover Net and Passport passwords for.


For all items listed here, the program shows additional information such as Server, User, Password, Type, Comment, Alias, Flags, and Last modified.


Here you can also decrypt Credential Backup Files (*.crd) created in Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn (for more information, see Manage stored passwords).

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