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Dictionary mutations

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All mutations are divided into a several classes, or levels, as described below. The program can set the mutation level for every type of mutation. This allows to achieve balance between speed and efficiency. With the minimum level, the program only checks lowercase passwords, and performs basic mutations: e.g. the Border mutation uses a subset of special characters (only digits), and only applies them at the end of the password. For the intermediate level, more special characters are used (both as a prefix and as a suffix); uppercase characters are also tested. At the maximum level, even more advanced prefixes and suffixes are added, but it runs much slower as a far greater number of variations is checked.


Case mutation: the program checks all variations of uppercase/lowercase characters.


Digit mutation: adding several digits to the dictionary word as a prefix and a suffix.


Border mutation: similar to above, but adding the most commonly used combinations such as 123, $$$, 666, qwerty, 007, ххх etc. In addition, it adds some characters at both ends of the word, e.g. #password#, $password$ and so on.


Freak mutation: replacing some characters (one or more); for example, the word "password" will also produce p@ssword, p@$$word and p@$$w0rd.


Abbreviation mutation: some commonly-used abbreviations like ihateyou - ih8you, loveyou - loveu, foryou - 4u etc.


Order mutation: reversing the order (password - drowssap), repeating the word (password - passwordpassword), adding the reversed word (password - passworddrowssap).


Vowels mutation: playing with vowels, e.g. psswrd, PaSSWoRD, pAsswOrd etc.


Strip mutation: removing one character, e.g. assword, pssword, pasword...


Swap mutation: replacing some characters, e.g. apssword, psasword, password...


Duplicate mutation: duplicating the characters, e.g. ppassword, paassword, passsword, passwword etc.


Delimiter mutation: adding delimters between characters: p.a.s.s.w.o.r.d, p+a+s+s+w+o+r+d, p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d.


Year mutation: adding the year (four digits) at the end of the word: password1973, password2002.

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