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3.5. «Quiet» installation, installation on remote machines

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msiexec /i "epr_agent_setup_en.msi" /quiet STARTMENU="<0 | 1>" INSTALLDIR="<path>" RUNASSERVICE="<0 | 1>" SERVERHOST ="<name or ip-address of sever >" SERVERPORT = "<tcp-port of server>" HIDEINDICATOR = "<0 | 1>"



STARTMENU="<0 | 1>" - 0 - don't create start menu folder; =1 - create menu folder

INSTALLDIR="path" - folder for program installation

RUNASSERVICE="<0 | 1>" - 0 - run the program when a user logs in; =1 - run the program at Windows start-up

SERVERHOST ="<name or ip-address of sever >" -  - the server name or ip-address to which the Agent will be connected

SERVERPORT = "<tcp-port of server>" - the server port to which the Agent will be connected

HIDEINDICATOR = "<0 | 1>"  - responsible for the presence of the Agent icon in the systems tree (0 –no, 1 –yes)


«Quiet» installation is intended for remote installation of the program to a large number of computers in the network. In this case the setup program will not produce any dialogs.


Then, for instance, having administration rights, you will be able to:


- run the «Server» service if it has not been started;


- provide a general access to the folder with the «epr_agent_setup.msi»


- create script to run installation for any agent (e.g.  agent_setup.cmd):


if not exist "%ProgramFiles%\Elcomsoft\Distributed Password Recovery\epr_agent_setup_en.msi" (

pushd \\server\share\directory




 \\server\share\directory  - indicate the full UNC-path to the directory with the distributive;


- create Group Policy for a certain user group. Enter file name agent_setup.cmd as Logon Script for this Group Policy.



This way you can remotely install the Agent to the network machines.