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The Dashboard plugin allows you to explore the content of Google Dashboard. The plugin consists of eight sections:

Android: information on devices associated with the Google account.

Account: information on the Google account.

Profile: profile information of the Google account user.

Search history: information on the user's Google search history.

Youtube: information on the user's videos, playlists, and activity on Youtube.

Gmail: information on the user's mail and chat history.

Chrome sync: information on bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings the user saved in the Google account to access them from Chrome on any device.

Google sync: information on Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendars the user synchronized to his/her mobile device.


To move to the desired section, click the corresponding icon in the gray rectangle area over the grid.


NOTE: The Dashboard category is not available for downloading if you signed into the account using an authentication token.



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