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PeachTree/Accounting password recovery

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Press Open file... button on toolbar and select one of the following items (depending on the specific product):


50 Accounting (Peachtree)

50 Accounts

50 Accounting Canadian Edition (Simply Accounting)


For Peachtree, browse for PERMISS.DAT file from PeachTree database you want to recover the password(s) for. The list of user names and their passwords will be shown.


For Sage 50 Accounts (formerly Sage Line 50) and its simplified version (Sage Instant Accounts), only password to special (built-in) MANAGER user is being recovered; but being logged as this user, you will be able to view or change the passwords for all other users as well. Browse for SETUP.DTA file that is located in appropriate company folder; the password will be recovered instantly.


For Sage Simply Accounting, passwords of all users are being recovered. For versions from 2008 and up, they're stored in ibdata1 file; for older versions -- in *.SDW file. These files are also located in appropriate company folder; browse for the proper one (according to the version), and passwords for all users will be shown.

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