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This option may help, for example, if you know the first character(s) of the password. For example, if you're sure that the small letters have been used (from 'a' to 'z'), the length is 5, and the password definitely starts with 'k', than type 'kaaaa' here. Please also note, that if you press the "Stop" button when ARCHPR is working, the program writes the current password to this window ("Start from password"). It can be used later to restart the program from the same point.


Please note that the program verifies the passwords according to the following character order:


CAPITAL letters: 'A'..'Z'
the space
small letters: 'a'..'z')
digits: '0'..'9'
special characters: !@#$%^&*()_+-=<>,./?[]{}~:;`'|"\


You can also use End at field to set the password ARCHPR should stop at. It might be useful if you attack the same archive on a few computers, and so can split the whole password range onto a few parts.

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