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Brute-force range options


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Instructs the program what characters have been used in the password. You can choose from all capital letters, all small letters, all digits, all special symbols and the space, or all printable (includes all of the above). The special characters are:




Alternatively, you can define your own character set (charset). Just mark the "User-defined" checkbox and click on "Custom charset…" (at the right of the option). In the input window, enter all chars of your password range; for example: if you remember that your password was entered in the bottom keyboard row ("zxcv...") - your password range should be "zxcvbnm,./" (or in caps: "ZXCVBNM<>?"). You can also define both of these: "zxcvbnm,./ZXCVBNM<>?". In addition, you can load and save custom charsets, or combine them using the "Add charset from file..." button.


Just a note about "Convert to OEM encoding" option in the "User Defined Charset" option. Be sure to select it if the password contains any non-English characters, and the archive has been created by a DOS-based compression utility (like PKZIP, for example). Otherwise, the password will not be found.


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