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File password

For the latest versions of Quicken (from 2006 to 2020) "file open" password cannot be found instantly. Only way to recover that password is guessing possible password combinations. This process is called "attack". The simplest attack is "Brute-force" that tries all possible passwords with given character set and length. The program also has more complicated attacks, like Dictionary with mutations or Mask. Please read this document to learn more information about attacks.


After file opening you have to select attack type and options and then press the Start button to run the attack. You also can select the devices (CPU and GPU) for password recovery using the "Device manager" button. Attack can be stopped anytime using the Stop button.





The program has been tested with all US versions of Quicken as well as some German, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Spanish versions. Support for those (non-US) versions is not guaranteed.

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