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Windows 9x: shows computer name, user name and logon password (for currently logged user), and whether or not auto-logon feature is enabled. Logon password can be changed here. If your machine is configured to log on into Microsoft SQL server, SQL server password (if cached) is shown as well.


Other Windows systems: shows computer name, user name (for currently logged user), auto-logon option state, logon password (Windows NT/2000 only), and cached logon password. Password of current users can be changed here. You can also set auto-logon option (supplying appropriate login and password), but please note that when it is enabled, the password is stored in Windows Registry in plain form (not encrypted).


If Store password using reversible encryption for all users in the domain policy is set, PSPR also shows the user password saved in Active Directory database.


In addition, password hint (on Windows XP and up), Microsoft SQL server password and Windows 7 HomeGroup password are also shown here (if available).

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