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General options

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Program interface language: the program has a multilingual interface, and you can change the language (if supported) on the fly, by selecting the language from the drop-down box and pressing Apply.


User interface options (gradient fill color, caption text color, background color, easily move window, background image): changes the program look and feel.


Custom classes for asterisks revealing: used for Behind asterisks feature, when the password field has non-standard class.


Print entire window instead of text: when you print passwords and other information recovered by the program, PSPR may print its window (as graphics) instead of text.


Check value of the new cache resource: for Windows 9x cached passwords only; if enabled, PSPR will check (for validity) the resources you are adding.


Modify only enabled screensaver password: if checked, the program will actually change the screensaver password only if the screensaver password protection option is active.


Make asterisks fields visible: used for Behind asterisks feature; if checked, the program will not only print the passwords into its own window, but also change the style of the controls so the text will become visible in its native application, too.


View html source as text: used for Behind asterisks feature; if checked, PSPR will show the HTML source code for controls you drop the cursor on.


View only recovered hashes (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only): to show only those hashes where the actual passwords have been recovered.


View only recovered secrets (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only): same as above, but for NT secrets.


Don't truncate long secrets: if enabled, NT secrets are being shown as is regardless of the size (otherwise, truncated to fit into the window).


Turn audit off when the program is working: if you want to hide the fact that PSPR was working on the computer, turn this option on, so auditing will be temporarily disabled.


Use fast crypto API: if enabled, PSPR uses its own (fast) implementation of all crypto algorithms (RC4, MD4, MD5, SHA); applicable to all brute-force and dictionary attacks, except attacks on PWL files.


Program startup password: allows to set a password to protect the program itself.


IPR data update period: an interval to update passwords collected by Intelligent Password Recovery engine at (see User interface chapter for details on IPR feature).

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