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When the attack is running or once it is completed, you can view and save some reports that can be accessed via Reports... button or by selecting Project | Reports... menu item. The following reports are available:


Users passwords


This report is shown (and can be copied to Clipboard or saved) as CSV file (Comma-Separated Values), where every line includes user name, LM password (two halves merged together; if one half of LM password has not been found, it is shown as question marks) and NT password (if available). Such report can be imported into any program that supports CSV format (such as Microsoft Excel) for further analysis or charting.


Press Options button here to set up what particular fields you would like to include into this report: User name, User ID, Computer etc (see Memory of remote computer in Obtaining password hashes chapter for the full list of available fields).


Passwords by time (running total)


This is a graphical report that shown a number of password recovered (by time); it can be also copied to Clipboard or saved as .BMP file.


You can also save the report as an XML file. In Options, you can set what particular fields you want to print into the output file; you can also ask whether to save all accounts, or only those the passwords have been found for. For every account, PPA writes the following data:


Password Strength: Weak (recovery is possible in less than one day), Strong (from one day to one week) or Very Strong (more than one week)
Password Charset: Alpha, Numeric etc
Password Audit Method: Preliminary attack, Bruteforce attack, Dictionary attack or Rainbow attack
Password Length Distribution

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