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iCloud allows users to store various information from their iOS devices in the cloud.


For Windows OS, exchanging data between iOS devices and the computer is done via the iCloud Control Panel (available for Windows 7 or later). This software allows the user to work with data from iOS on a computer with Windows OS. OS X users can access iCloud without any additional software, as it is built into the operating system (iCloud requires OS X 10.7.2 or later).


To extract authentication token representing the user’s iCloud account credentials, you are going to need an Elcomsoft Apple Token Extractor for Windows OS or OS X which is shipped with the Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. You can use this token to sign in to the user's iCloud account in order to download the backups or files stored there. It is also possible to get authentication token without logging in to an actual OS, Windows or OS X, where the token was used (e.g., by mounting a disk image to the current system) via Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.

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