Booting from the CD or UFD

Booting from the CD or UFD

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To boot your computer from ESR CD, you should setup you BIOS to have the CD-ROM drive as the first device in the list:




Then, simply insert the ESR CD and reboot. You will see the Press any key to boot from CD message:




Simply press any key (such as <Space> or <Enter>), and ESR will start booting (creating the RAM drive and loading Windows PE):




If you boot from the UFD (see How to create a bootable UFD), the steps are generally the same. You will just have to setup your BIOS to boot from the USB device first (not the CD); also, there will be no Press any key... message during boot process.


When ESR is booted, the first screen shows the license agreement (you have to accept it) and allows to select the program user interface language: