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When decrypting a backup, a number of files containing temporary data are created. The total size of temporary files equals to the size of the backup.

You can define the location on your computer to which the temporary data will be extracted during backup decryption.



To define the folder for temporary data extraction, do the following:

1.In the View menu, click Settings.

2.In the Extract temporary data to field, enter the path to the folder on your computer or click Browse, select the necessary folder, and click Select Folder.

3.Click OK.


The default path to the folder where temporary data is extracted to is:

Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Elcomsoft\Elcomsoft Phone Viewer

OS X: ~/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Elcomsoft/Elcomsoft Phone Viewer


Please note that after defining a new path to the folder instead of the default path, the changes will come into effect as soon as the program is restarted.



Select the Sort media files into folders accordingly album names during export check box in order to have convenient access to exported media galleries with large numbers of files.

If this option is selected, images and videos will be categorized into albums similar to those in the device.


If you want to search for all media files from built-in and third-party applications when working with backups containing media files, select Yes for this option. You can select Always ask in order to decide for every backup.

If you select No, only Camera roll and attached media files will be searched for. This would make working with encrypted backups quicker as only these media sources will be decrypted.


If you want to get the applications description from AppStore when working with backups containing applications, select Yes for this option. You can select Always ask in order to decide for every backup.

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